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I've always desired to convey the feeling I have experienced in a specific moment. Picart is my way.

Francesco LisandroOwner at Picart

There is always a good time to change. It was after I took a break from my job that I went back to an old love: Photography. I did it with a free spirit, totally lacking in prejudices, monetary constraints and fashion.

I go where images take me, my instinct guided myself without orders or deadlines. Wandering is my engine without straight lines and without certainties. Picart is my way to express art’s freedom and I hope my feeling will caress your hearts.

I’m starting this conversion alone. But, over time, I’ll try to involve more and more artists. By myself, I would not be able to express the beauty and the cruelty of the world and quality help is a must.

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Observer - Picart
Brezza - Picart
Free Soul - Picart
Earth's Heart - Picart

Nature Passion

Nature has always given us beautiful and exciting shows. More than we could ever have imagined. Think of a starry sky, an expanse of sea or a sunset to understand it.

The beauty of Nature arouses in me feelings of joy, sadness, hope, despair, pain and pleasure. When I come to each of these feelings, I stop. I already know them, I don’t try to untie the knots, but I’m satisfied with that vibration and I take a photo.

What Picart is doing for Nature?

It is not easy for people to grasp Nature importance. It’s taken for granted as if there was time. As if it were forever. Trees are the lungs of the earth and they are the only thing that keeps us alive. They eat a lot of pollution, we generate every day.

That’s why I decided to donate the 3% of Picart’s revenues to Trees for the Future. Since 1989 has been dealing with helping communities to plant trees all over the planet.

Together, we help the planet to continue to breathe and we all continue to live. Read more about Our Charity Program.

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People Soul

I don’t know if you ever felt the emotions of a person just by looking at it. That amazement of small things: a blush at compliments, a smile in pain. Each of us has an immense beauty. Life is a gift, every person is a form of life and you must to take care of it.

You should tell to everyone. No one knows that he/she is special, wonderful and unique until there is someone to point it out. How to say: at the beginning you see the tree, then you notice the roots.

This is what I do and what I’ll do.

I’ll admire faces whose angles give hope for the impossible and follow eyes that are open lines on the sea. I’ll show lips that anyone is looking for listen. I have to capture these expressions. I must paint these feelings in the hope of being able to show their original essence through my prints.

Life Choices - Picart
Traditions - Picart
Past & Future - Picart
Life Novel - Picart

Whether you are a collector of portrait art or a simple faces lover, take a look at our gallery.

Parallelism - Picart
Archi - Picart
Stack - Picart

Architecture Details

I was born in a place where architecture is the most beautiful human aspirations. Italy is a place where you can notice that the limit of nature has been well surpassed by man.

A place where men, adapting to opposing forces, have dominated space and light in order. They did it creating fantastic physical and sensory experiences.

Each country offers its Poetry in space

Rotterdam, the place where I live now, will be remembered for centuries for its architecture. Here, every architect aspires to eternity. They are influencing people by impressing history in stone and steel.

Where nature does not succeed, here is that man meets art through architecture. It is not easy to grasp the essence of this creativity with original prints, but it is my duty to try.

Inspire yourself to architectural artwork greatness, with Picart prints and artworks.

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